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Learn how to compare the cost of hair transplant in Indore

If you are googling to find out the BEST HAIR TRANSPLANT IN BHOPAL AND INDORE, please don’t get carried away by price tags. It is good to save a nickel where you can, but there is no defined price of the procedure. Various factors go into defining THE BEST HAIR TRANSPLANT CENTER and the cost

Here’s what to look for before you freeze your option

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Skills of assisting staff

surgeon 1

Experience and skill of operating surgeon

hair-transplant 1

Size of the bald area that needs to be covered

clock 1

Dedicated time given by doctors

hair-transplant (1) 1 (1)

Hair Transplant method

Clip path group (1)

Sterilization standards of the operating area

dandruff 1

Number of grafts needed


Facilities and Equipment

drop 1

The hygiene standards of clinic

safe 1

Patient safety measures in the clinic

care 1

Aftercare guidance

Now when you know all these criteria to judge a hair transplant centre - its good time to compare and decide the cost of hair transplant in India

Low-priced hair transplant! Is it really a good deal?

Clinics offering a quick-fix MEN’S BALDNESS CURE may do more harm than good Cosmetic treatment demands ethics and responsibility, especially SAFE HAIR TREATMENTS. Beware of low-cost hair transplants. These are nothing but a trap to make a fast buck.

You must remember that low-cost treatments pose a great danger to patient safety. In any invasive procedure, there is always a risk of infection as a consequence of using sub-standard equipment, insufficient/ illtrained staff, and improper follow-up plan. Unregulated clinics complicate matters further

From Dr. Ankit Khasgiwala



Dr. Ankit Khasgiwala, MDS , FFPS

Maxillofacial & Hair Transplant Surgeon

In saving cost remember that you don’t loose

Your Safety During Procedure

Natural Look

Long Term Result Without Any Side Effects

Is Hair Transplant safe? Are there any side effects?

Compromise in Safety at GENESIS

Every medical procedure carries risks. This is where expertise and quality come into sharp focus. By investing in trained staff and modern equipment, it is possible to nullify side effects like infection, scarring, loss of grafts, and pain. Genesis follows all international protocols and due diligence in executing the procedure, giving the patients safe and effective results at affordable prices.

Measure we take to ensure your safety

Group 1000002242

USFDA Approved

Group (3)

No Cuts, No Wounds,

Group (4)

Min 10 years of warranty
after Surgery


1 Day Procedure


Spotlessly clean and
hygienic clinic

Vector (1)

100 % Sterilization prior to the procedure

Vector (Stroke)

Skilled and trained staff

Vector (2)

Direct working by doctors themselves & all steps personally supervised by Dr Anil Soni

Vector (3)

International operating room standards

Group 1000002243


Group (5)

100% emergency preparedness


Continuous monitoring of
vitals by anesthetist on

"Your safety is our utmost priority. Genesis follows all the necessary steps to create flawless experience for the patients"

"Your safety is our utmost priority. Genesis follows all the necessary steps to create flawless experience for the patients"

Must Read FAQs

The average cost of a hair transplant in India can range from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 1,50,000 depending on various factors like the number of grafts required, the surgeon’s experience, the clinic’s location, and facilities.

Yes, the cost of hair transplant in India is relatively cheaper than in other countries like the US, UK, or Australia. This is mainly due to the lower cost of living and medical expenses in India

The cost of hair transplant in India is affected by several factors, including the number of grafts required, the surgeon’s experience and qualifications, the clinic’s location and reputation, the type of procedure performed (FUE or FUT), and the facilities provided

 It is essential to confirm with the clinic regarding the hidden costs before undergoing hair transplant surgery. However,genuine clinics will provide a detailed quotation that includes all costs related to the procedure, including consultation fees, pre-operative tests, anesthesia, and post-operative care

Understanding the experience of your doctor, standards of the clinic, their safety norms and kind of results they have delivered – you have to make a decision. You compare all these parameters of different clinics with the cost suggested to you – then you can know that which centra has offered most genuine deal.

If a centre spends good on your result, safety & overall satisfaction then charging around 30 INR per graft is well justified. There may be some variations as per different cities and expenses involved.

Both the things hold their place. Overall you should be getting benefitted with good hair and value for money. Also the hair transplant clinic should earn their profit and provide you what has been committed.

Beyond a certain level you can’t get anything  extra in your result. Such high costs are due to big branding and expenses incurred.

Apart from results (which you already saw) you should see the safety norms and standards of clinic. So that you don’t land in any unwanted problem

You need to see the surgeon’s expertise, operating standards, safety norms, hygiene standards & aftercare support from the clinic. Then you see which clinic is offering you better. Dont just see cost and number of hair being grafted. There are many things beyond that which account for a good result  & safe procedure.

‘We wish good health and great hair for all