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We follow International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) standards in hair transplantation, which puts our treatment on par with the global best.

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Genesis offers world-class hair transplant for the best results. The entire procedure is carried out by trained professionals, which meets and even exceeds your expectations. At Genesis, you are always in good hands.


Without Pain and Stress

We follow minimally invasive methods that make your experience painless, quick, and stress-free.

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Our technology enables patients to see actual number of grafts being transplanted. Results are visible within 3-4 hours

Meet Our Hair Transplant Experts

Dr. Anil Soni

25+ years of experience

MBBS , MD (PGI Chandigarh)

Dr. Ankit Khasgiwala

12+ years of experience


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Dr. Anil Soni

25+ years of experience

MBBS , MD (PGI Chandigarh)

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Dr. Ankit Khasgiwala

12+ years of experience


Know Our FUE Team


Dr. Aman



Deepika Soni


Dr Radhika_genesis hair transplant in indore

Dr. Radhika Labana



Fatema Munshi

Patient Coordinator


Genesis is fully equipped and staffed for all types of hair transplants. The team is trained to handle both invasive and non-invasive means to achieve the desired results.

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Transplanted Hair
will not fall out

What makes hair transplant at Genesis 100% effective is its permanent appeal. No ifs and buts: You get perfectly natural hair, which you cut and style – just like normal hair. After the treatment, you can wash, and brush hair without damaging them in any way. Genesis’s most advanced and painless hair transplant has a distinct reputation: It retains its charm forever!

Benefits of hair transplant at Genesis

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High Success Rate &
Permanent Results

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100% Natural Looking
Hairline and Hair Density

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No Break From Your
Work/Office - Not even
a Single Day

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No Pain , No Cuts ,
No Stitches

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No Long Term Maintenance
or Medications

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Just a Single Day

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Hair transplant is the most effective and result-oriented way of restoring hair in bald persons. Here, the surgeon takes healthy hair grafts from one part (usually the back area of the scalp) and moves them to the bald area of the head.

We do treat following hair issues 

*Male and female pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia)

*Excessive hair fall & diffuse hair loss

*Receding hair line in males / females & baldness at crown (vertex)

*Alopecia areata & Telogen effluvium

*Life style linked hair loss 

*Cicatricial and traction alopecia 

*Grey hair treatment  & Dandruff management

You can book an appointment by simply clicking the book appointment button on the website or directly call us at  +91 62600 32156

A good result and patient safety are the two most important concerns in hair restoration surgery. These come up well only if the clinic implements good standards of

-Experienced operating surgeon

-Hygiene & sterilization

– Technology and modern equipment. Trained and dedicated staff.

– Aftercare , support & ethics.

  1. Registration formality at reception
  2. You will be guided for preliminary consultation with our assistant doctors – here all details about your concerns will be noted and basic outlines of treatment will be explained to you
  3. Now you will be guided to meet Dr Anil Soni  & Dr Ankit Khasgiwala (senior hair transplant surgeons).
  4. Dr Anil & Dr Ankit will be making your detailed diagnosis and will formulate customised treatment plan for you
  5. Necessary medications and procedures will be provided
  6. Diet plan and other lifestyle changes will also be suggested
  7. Be assured for an everlasting support and guidance

We work from 10 am -8 pm , Monday to Saturday 

All our procedures are done by qualified specialists only

Hair transplant at Genesis is headed by Dr Anil Soni (MD) & Dr Ankit Khasgiwala (MDS , FFPS). There are 4 assistant surgeons as well (Dr Radhika Labana, Dr Minaxi Singh , Dr Asif Shiekh & Dr Payal Rathi) who work under direct supervision of Dr Soni.

FUE is the most modern method of hair transplant surgery. However there are many variants of FUE – we suggest which is best for you according to your need.

With experienced hands, patient safety measures, standard protocols, and optimum sterilization-there should not be any side effects

The technique we follow doesn’t leave any scar marks (neither on donor nor the recipient area).

No one will come to know that you have undergone a transplant.

Usually hair transplant surgery at Genesis is just a single day job (6-9 hours )with full result expected 6 months after the surgery.

Yes, of course! They behave just like normal hair. They grow and grey with time. The transplanted hair can be cut, styled, & colored the way you want to.

We suggest you whether you require hair transplant  surgery or not – depending upon your needs , previous treatments & expectations.

We do expertise in non surgical treatment therapies as well like PRP , GFC , mesotherapy , low level laser light therapy & medicinal treatments. All these are given in combination as per your situation.

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Medical Association 2020

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